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Sarrasian Bar opened its first bar in Susukino, one of the districts located in Chūō-ku

Sarrasian bar dot is a shop located in downtown Susukino in Sapporo. We opened as cafe + bar dot in Asahikawa city, Hokkaido in March 2001 and renewed as sarrasin bar dot in April 2006. In Sapporo, under the concept of Sarrasian = soba, it is familiar as a relaxing space where delicious sake and soba can enjoy soba and meals. In Singapore, we will open newly as a cafe bar mainly for premium soft cream in Hokkaido.

Sarrasin Bar Dot was later remodelled to a cafe + bar dot concept in Asahikawa city in March 2001 and rebranded as Sarrasin Bar Dot in April 2006.


With the introduction of Hokkaido Premium Soft Serve Ice Cream to their new menu, die-hard milk lovers will be all set for their craving at this new Cafe and Bar Concept in Singapore.





Sarrasian bar dotは、札幌の繁華街すすきのにあるお店。 私たちは2001年3月に北海道旭川市にcafe+bar dotとして開店し、美味しいお酒とそもに蕎麦や食事を楽しめる落ち着いた空間として親しまれています。 シンガポールでは北海道、日本のお酒を中心なラインナップと、北海道のプレミアムソフトクリームを中心のカフェバーとして新しくオープンします。




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